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Legal Notice

"Canadavapor" refers to any and all parties with any interest or involvement in this website or the business or business operations as on this website
E-cigarettes are a new technology therefore there has not been time for any long term studies to be completed on any e-cigarette apparatus, supply or product. There are studies that are publically available regarding e-cigarettes and vapeing, however Canadavapor does not express or imply an opinion or recommendation on any of these studies. Canadavapor recommends that you research any product you intend to purchase.
"e-juice"/"e-liquid" contains substances that are toxic to humans and animals. Keep out of reach of children and animals at all times. Clean all surfaces that have come into contract with liquid or any product with a soap and water solution. Do not consume the liquid in any amount, if consumed call poison control and seek medical attention immediately. If the liquid comes into contact with any body part, immediately flush with water, call poison control and seek medical attention. The liquid, bottle, any and all products sold on, including packaging, should only be handled wearing latex gloves without any compromised surfaces that would allow dirrect contract any part of the body. Some of the products sold here may contain "e-juice"/"e-liquid" and all the above applies. Any product sold on may have come into contact with "e-juice"/"e-liquid" as such all the above precautions should be taken. makes or implies no claim or statement as to any use or any safe volume, amount or  concentration of "e-juice"/"e-liquid".
Any person or entity to receive product from must agree to all in this statement. Consent must be made via an acknowledgement in the "checkout"  before any order is filled. The party who acknowledged this agreement agrees not to lend, resell, give, donate or otherwise allow any 3rd party to use or in any form, come in contact with any product or item, or residue from any product or item purchased or acquired on or from this site. That party also agrees that they will be recieving product and upon sale are the sole owner of the product. Failure to do so, is in violation of this agreement and as such resolves owners, or employees or anyone related to the company of any and all liability from any 3rd party.
With any purchase made, the purchaser agrees that all items and product become their property upon the time payment is transferred on the sale, and assume all liability, direct and related to, the product. The purchaser has no expectations of owners, or employees or anyone related to the company in regards to handling, shipping, storing, securing, or anything in regards to the product they now own and is the purchaser's property.
Canadavapor does not state, imply or promote or advise any products or combination of products or use of any products or combination of products in any manor that would constitute, physically or have the effect of a medical device(s). Any use, application or function of any product or modification to any product which would make it a medical device, or provide a delivery of any substance such as a medical device would is a volition on the part of the customer of this agreement.
Canadavapor makes no claims, and makes no statement, as to the health benefits, or the potential effects of any of the products we carry. Canadavapor makes no claim as any of our products being a stop smoking aid. Canadavapor neither states or implies any intended use of any product. Canadavapor recommends you consult with a physician about the product and your health before purchasing any products offered. Use of any product in any maner is your consent that you will not hold Canadavapor, or any employee, owner, investor or anyone associated with the company liable for any results of using the product as intended or otherwise, the user assume full responsibility of any result directly or indirectly from the product.

Customer agrees to Canadavapor's warranty policy found under Warraty Policy on the main page of this site.